Buying on Logoforall

A: Absolutely. We don’t expect that every design on the marketplace will exactly match your requirements. For example, you may wish to customise the text of the logo to match your company name. To send a message to the Designer, simply click on the “Customize it” option below the logo you wish to purchase on the main logo display page.
A: No. When you buy a design through the Logoforall marketplace ownership of the intellectual property passes from the designer to you. Once you’ve purchased the design, there are no restrictions to how you can use it. You can view the copyright agreement here
A: Yes, just click "Make an Offer" on the main logo display page. Enter your offer price and include an optional message to the Designer. If the Designer agrees, you will receive notification via email and will be sent a discount code to complete your purchase. Now all you need to do is click “Buy Now”, enter your discount code, complete the transaction and the logo is yours!
A: Each design in the Logoforall marketplace is unique. We allow designers to set their own prices, which means that prices will vary between logos. You can negotiate the price on any design by clicking “Make an offer” from the main logo display page.
A: No. When you buy a design through the Logoforall marketplace ownership of the intellectual property passes from the designer to you. We have not, however, copyrighted the new design on your behalf.
A: Once your transaction is complete and verified by our staff, you will be sent to the page where your files are stored. You can download them at that point or later by viewing your Transaction History.
A: Every purchase order is validated by our Service Team to protect our clients and designers against the risk of fraud. This typically happens within a matter of hours, but can take up to 48 hours on weekends. Once validated, we will process payment and the design files will be released to your account automatically.
A: Yes. All payment information is encrypted and payments are processed through a secure SSL certificate. Processing is handled through or PayPal, depending on the payment processing you chose.
A: You can securely make any payments through Credit Card or PayPal.
A: Yes. Logoforall has been developed to provide you with the safeguards necessary to conduct a secure transaction. Using Logoforall ensures that your payments are secure, your information is kept private and you will receive your files shortly after the purchase. We cannot warrant the quality or authenticity of transactions which are proposed outside of the Logoforall marketplace.
A: Your design files are images which are not intended to work with Microsoft Word. The files you receive from Logoforall are developed specifically to be edited and viewed in programs specific to design, such as Adobe Illustrator. If you need additional formats, you can easily request them from the designer or take your files to a printer.
A: Yes – you can add logos that you want to view later to your Favorites. To add an item to your favorites just click on the “Add to Favorites” link below the design.
A: It depends on where the domain is hosted. If the domain is held by Logoforall, the transfer will be initiated as soon as you complete the purchase. Not all domains are held by Logoforall – domains held externally will take longer to transfer, as the seller will need to initiate the transfer process for you. Once transfer has been initiated by the seller, you will need to sign up with the hosting company to complete the process.
A: Yes. Please contact us on support@Logoforall and we will help you with a solution, including a possible refund.
A: >No. Logoforall is a marketplace for ready-made logos. However, through Logoforall’s sister website, DesignCrowd, you can have collateral, brochures or letterheads custom-designed to meet your needs. In addition, DesignCrowd can develop collateral, brochures or letterheads based on the logo you have purchased from the Logoforall marketplace. Contact us to find out more(
A: A Spring is our way of saying “I like it!”. Items that receive more Springs gain more exposure on the website. For example, you can browse the most-liked designs by checking out our list of Most Sprung logos. You can find this list here

Selling on Logoforall

A: We require your source files to be editable vector files (*.ai or *.eps) – all other file formats are optional. In addition to *.AI and *.EPS you can upload *.PSD, *.CDR, *.PDF, *.TIFF, *.PNG, *.JPEG, *.GIF, *.WMF, and *.BMP files. Your source files must match the JPEG or PNG display image.
A: JPEG or PNG files, sized at 325 x 260 pixels, 72 dpi.
A: Probably not. All logos must include an original vector file for approval. Typically, vector files must have been originally developed using software such as Illustrator, Corel Draw or Freehand to be in the correct format.
A: Unless you are the original creator of the font in your logo, you are more than likely violating the original developer’s ownership rights. Most buyers will not have the software or ability to revise the font shown in your logo, which is why buyers are asked to contact the designer for any revisions. It’s good practice to outline/vectorize your fonts so your client doesn’t have any problems when opening the file.
A: Buyers have the ability to “Buy Now” or “Make an Offer” on the logos for sale on the website. When a Buyer clicks “Make an Offer” a message is sent to you with their proposed price. If you accept the offer, the Buyer will be issued with a discount code that they can apply at the point of purchase to reflect the offer price.
A: Payments can be received by PayPal or Moneybookers (Skrill). To receive payment through PayPal or Moneybookers (Skrill), you must enter your account details on the “payment methods” option under your profile. It is your responsibility to ensure your own payment details are kept up to date and accurate in your account.
A: No. Paypal and Moneybookers (Skrill) are the only supported payment mechanisms.
A: Once a sale has been verified and approved you should expect to receive payment top your account within 5 business days. If you have not received payment within this timeframe please contact
A: No. All designs are reviewed individually by our Design Team and assessed for their quality, originality and marketability. As a premium marketplace for ready-made designs we don’t expect to be able to offer posting to the website for all logos. Where a design is rejected we will send you an email providing the basis for our decision. For further guidance on what we are looking for, we encourage you to take a look at some of Our Favs and review our tips for creating great logos.
A: We aim to review all new design submissions within 24 hours! Due to workload, there may be times when aren’t able to do this, but if your logo hasn’t been reviewed within 72 hours of upload please contact us on
A: When you edit your logo, you must complete all steps until you are returned to the “Manage Logos” page. While you are editing your logo it is temporarily removed from the main sales pages to avoid possible confusion for clients.
A: Yes. Your portfolio shows all of the designs and domains you are currently selling and as well as those previously sold. You also have the option of uploading designs you do not wish to sell, so go ahead and showcase your skills!
A: Yes. We offer “Premium Designer” subscriptions which enable your designs to be showcased under “Premium Designers” on the website. In our experience, many clients browse these pages first. We are currently working on a bigger, better “Premium Designer” offer which provides you with more benefits, so watch this space!
A: Create something special! Logos displayed on the home page have been tagged as Our Favs by Logoforall Design Team because of their quality, originality and marketability to potential buyers.
A: >No. Logos and domains which are approved for sale incur no listing or posting fees! Logoforall charges a flat commission of 30% on your sales.
A: Springs are a good thing! Springs are given to you by other Logoforall users. Registered users have the ability to “Spring” other users – similar to a “Like”. Users of the website can also filter logos based on those most “Sprung” (most liked).
A: Once you have added the domain to your account, first choose 'Edit' in your Manage Brands section. On Step 1, select your domain from the drop down. Make sure to complete all 3 steps until you return to the Manage Brands page.
A: >Yes. Just upload it to your Account. Keep in mind, when the domain sells you are responsible for coordinating the transfer with the buyer. All funds from your sale will be held in escrow until the domain has transferred.
A: It is your responsibility to ensure that your domain registration remains valid and up to date. Sales of expired or invalid domain names will be considered void and the client will be entitled to a

My Account on Logoforall

A: The “My Account” page allows you to update your details such as password, e-mail address, subscriptions, payment method and profile picture
A: Once created, you are not able to edit your username yourself. If you wish to change your username, please contact us at Can’t remember your password? Drop us an email at and we will reset it for you.
A: Log in to your account and go the My Account page. Here you will be able to change your email address, password and contact information. Just click on the “Change e-mail address” next to your current one.
A: When logged in, subscribe or unsubscribe to any notices in your “E-mail Notifications” option under the “Manage” section.
A: Items that you have bought or sold can be found in the Transaction History on your profile page. You can also view them in the “Manage Logos” or “Manage Domains” sections of your account.
A: You can add a domain to your account through the “Manage Domains” page.
A: An account can be suspended for:

1. Serious violations of Logoforall's Terms of Use.
- This can include copyright violation, misuse of your account or inappropriate communication

2. Repeated user complaints related to not fulfilling buyer or seller obligations

3. Attempted fraud